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The Ancient, Powerful Healing Properties of 20 Crystals & Gemstones

The Ancient, Powerful Healing Properties of 20 Crystals & Gemstones | The Creative Fringe

Healing crystals have been used for millennia as balancing, energy-giving, and protective talismans. The ancients knew, and now more and more people in modern times are finding out, that crystals can improve your life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Each crystal exhibits a unique chemical composition and physical structure that was formed over millions of years in the Earth’s crust. The constant movement of molecules in a specific structure is what causes each crystal to emit a unique vibration. The stable energy they emit is what influences your well-being through its interaction with your own energetic body.

The power of crystals is vast and varied, so read on to find out how 20 different stones can transform your life! If you’re ready to bring a particular crystal into your life, put the name in the search bar to see our selection!

Moonstone: The Stabilizer

Potential. Intention. Harmony.

The archetypal stone of the feminine spirit and lunar energy due to its soft, pearly luster, moonstone is a perfect stone to create harmony within, enhance feminine virtues, and strengthen intuition. It was the sacred stone of Gods and Goddesses in ancient India, and the most important source of moonstone is Sri Lanka. It is associated with emotional balance, release, flow, growth, empathy and fertility.

Metaphysical healing properties: Moonstone enhances intuition and the imagination, opening you to the universe. It stabilizes the emotions, releases tension, and manages the ego.

Physical healing properties: Moonstone can be used to relieve indigestion, especially stress-induced, aids the pituitary gland, balances the body’s blood and lymph systems (aspects influenced by water), hormonal problems, and menstrual problems.

Chakra: Sacral Chakra, Crown Chakra, and Third Eye Chakra

Aventurine: The Stone of Opportunity

Vitality. Confidence. Optimism.

Aventurine will encourage a positive outlook while amplifying luck, prosperity and abundance. A variety of quartz named after green sparkly ornamental glass of the same name in Italy in the 18th century, this stone has sparkly inclusions. Aventurine soothes and stabilizes the emotions, increases tranquility, promotes spiritual growth and gratitude for what you have attracts luck and assists in the successful application of new opportunities.

Metaphysical healing properties: Aventurine is associated with the Heart Chakra and can create a sense of general well-being, gratitude and emotional calm. It harmonizes the mental, physical and emotional bodies and brings you back into balance. Aventurine may help protect you from harmful EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) emitted from cell phones and WiFi.

Physical healing properties: Aventurine was used in Tibet to increase perception and improve eyesight. It supports the heart, blood, and energy circulation, and can help speed up recovery after an illness, injury or surgery.

Chakra: Heart Chakra

Crystal Quartz: The Spirit Stone

Amplify. Clarify. Organize.

Generally the most well-known crystal, crystal quartz is seen as a window into the metaphysical world and offers vast healing properties. It amplifies and strengthens the aura, cleanses and shifts energy, releases blocked emotions and brings calm, increases clarity of thought and sharpness of perception, and brings spiritual peace.

Crystal quartz is known as the Spirit Stone, improving connections between the spiritual and physical world through its window of light containing the entire color spectrum. The crystalline structure is believed to hold information, making it highly programmable, meaning you can “program” the crystal with your intentions. It will then amplify these desires, prayers, and manifestations, transmitting your intentions from the spirit world to the physical world. To do this, relax and take a few deep breaths while holding your crystal, then while focusing on your crystal and clear intention, say the following or similar words to program your crystal: “I program this crystal for… (purpose or request).” This crystal will now be working for you ‘round the clock by aiding in the manifestation of your desires.

Whether you program it or not, even just having a quartz specimen improves the energetic quality of the room by absorbing energies and transmuting them to high, positive vibration. It assists in your spiritual growth by bringing clarity of the mind so that you can become clear on your dreams and desires while clearing your mind of negativity. Clear quartz enhances personal awareness, perceptions, and growth while increasing patience and perseverance so that you can remember to live life in harmony.

Clear Quartz stones also bring clarity of the mind, helping you to focus and become clear on your dreams and desires. They assist with spiritual development and removing any energy blockages that occur in the body.

Metaphysical healing properties: Clear Quartz not only amplifies desires, but it also amplifies the energy of other stones when placed nearby. Meditate with your crystal quartz and “program” it with your intentions. You can then wear or carry your crystal with you to raise your vibration and increase the manifestations of your desires. It also helps to reveal the truth and is used in divination and scrying.

Physical healing properties: Crystal quartz is a master healer that amplifies that whole aura and is thought to stimulate the immune and circulatory systems, and increase the flow of life energy (qi, prana) in the body.

Chakra: All Chakras – Crystal Quartz is often used to cleanse, open, activate, and align all of the chakras.

Citrine: The Money Stone

Manifest. Uplift. Energize.

Citrine is a type of quartz whose golden, yellow hue is associated with money, gold, and wealth. The finest specimens come from Brazil, Russia, France and Spain, but most citrine available today comes from the far more common quartz amethyst that turns golden yellow when subjected to heat.

Citrine carries the power of the sun, bringing warmth, comfort, and the energy to stir your soul into action. It awakens creativity, imagination, and positivity, and transforms dreams and wishes into the tangible form. It attracts success, prosperity, and all things good.

Metaphysical healing properties: Citrine can help you attract and maintain abundance, financial wealth and stability. Its restful, warming presence anchors and activates the lower chakras. It boosts confidence and creates a sense of personal power through its energy stimulation.

Physical healing properties: Citrine is known to enhance energy, stimulate the metabolism, and aid in digestion through its stimulation of the spleen and pancreas. It can also be used to strengthen nerve impulses, improving thought processes, concentration and wisdom. It helps with infections of the bladder and kidneys and bed wetting.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Agate: Stone of Inner Stability

Cooling. Nurturing. Comforting.

This stone can be found in nearly all colors with Agate being the name of this banded chalcedony with endless striation patterns. From colorless transparent, to colored and beautifully banded, agate embodies our inner world and all its states. Agate has been found with artifacts of Neolithic people and was worn as healing amulets dating back to Babylon. It balances your emotional, mental and physical energy, harmonizes the positive and negative energies of the universe, and yin and yang.

Metaphysical healing properties: Agate raises self-awareness, composure and maturity, stabilizes the aura, transforms negative energy into positive, and is a powerful conduit of spirit. Use this stone to heal anger, emotional issues, and lack of self-worth.

Physical healing properties: Agate improves concentration, analytical abilities, perception and clarity of thought. It can stimulate digestion when placed on the abdomen, reduces fever when placed on the forehead, and benefits hollow organs.

Chakra: All

Black Tourmaline: The Grounding Stone

Grounding. Protecting. Realigning.

The preferred stone of protection, black tourmaline is used as a psychic shield that combats the entry of negative entities in your energy field, while also protecting against radiation, EMFs, and other environmental pollutants. Historically, magicians, witches and shamans used black tourmaline to protect them while casting spells.

Metaphysical healing properties: Black tourmaline wards off negative energies and neutralizes and purifies your own negative thoughts, turning them positive into usable energy. This powerful grounding stone aligns the energy centers of the body, making it excellent for meditation and healing.

Physical healing properties: Tourmaline stimulates reflex points in the lower back to the feet and assists in realigning the spine. It may also strengthen the immune system, heart and adrenal glands be relieving stress. As it helps dispel environmental pollutants, it is beneficial for the bowels.

Chakra: Root Chakra

Rose Quartz: The Love Stone

Love. Healing. Compassion.

This beautiful pink quartz is associated with the heart and expressing unconditional love to self, others, and the planet through feminine energy of compassion, tenderness, comfort and healing. Rose Quartz will help alleviate emotional wounds, resentments and fears and instead channel Divine energy giving you a sense of contentment and fulfillment, allowing you to fully give and receive love.

Metaphysical healing properties: Rose quartz is known to invite and attract new love, improve romance and intimacy, and foster a deeper bond in all relationships. Being the stone of love and sensuality, it is also a powerful aphrodisiac. It aids sleep and induces calm.

Physical healing properties: Rose quartz can be used to heal deep emotional wounds and release them, and may improve circulation and lower blood pressure and stress. It also helps the female reproductive system.

Chakra: Heart Chakra

Turquoise: The Stone of Protection

Wisdom. Protection. Intuition.

Believed to be the oldest stone to man, turquoise has long been a talisman of chiefs, shamans, kings, wizards, warriors, and the like. Turquoise has been used for centuries to protect from falls. Turquoise encourages us to honor ourselves, releases regrets, and brings self-forgiveness and acceptance.

Metaphysical healing properties: Turquoise strengthens the meridians in the body, supporting intuition and meditation. It supports clarity of mind and clear communication, bringing happiness and good fortune. This stone connects you to the spirit world and enhance and strengthens your aura.

Physical healing properties: Turquoise strengthens all organs, but especially helps the brain, ears, neck and throat, clearing out blockages and enhancing the flow of energy throughout your body. It is good for exhaustion, depression, panic attacks, and is considered anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.

Chakra: Throat Chakra

Fluorite: The Stone of Positivity

Innovation. Inspiration. Concentration.

This highly sought after crystal has a calm stable frequency that brings harmony to discordant energy and order to chaos. It brings you from a low vibration to a high vibration state, supporting thought, focus, concentration, spirituality, and balance in all areas of life. It is considered one of the most colorful stones, found in purple, green, yellow, blue, and colorless in its purest form.

Metaphysical healing properties: Used to quiet anxiety and to clear mental confusion, this stone aids thought and concentration for both mental and spiritual pursuits. Place it in your place of work to stay focused and organized, calm and productive. It heightens intuitive powers and psychic connections.

Physical healing properties: Fluorite supports healthy bones and organs and improves physical skills like balance and dexterity. It may alleviate inflammation and help with colds.

Chakra: Depends on Color
Green Fluorite – Heart Chakra
Purple Fluorite – Third Eye Chakra

Lapis Lazuli: The Stone of Truth

Intuition. Awareness. Truth.

This striking, blue crystal is one of the most vibrant, ancient, and sought after on earth. Lapis Lazuli has long been and remains a symbol of nobility and honor, spirit, and vision. It encourages wisdom, courage, good judgment and intellectual analysis. This stone of truth fosters honesty of the spirit in the spoken and written word.

Metaphysical healing properties: Lapis Lazuli activates the upper chakras and empowers the Throat Chakra for clear communication and expression of ideas. It is associated with truth, balance and justice while promoting steadfastness and courage.

Physical healing properties: Lapis supports the throat and upper chest area. It may ease Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) by providing clarity of mind.

Chakra: Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Hematite: The Grounding Stone

Grounding. Clarity. Practicality.

Hematite has a high iron content which makes it deeply grounding. It protects against all harm and conveys power. It is said to absorb negative emotions that are keeping you from your highest potential while keeping you stable and in control.

Metaphysical healing properties: Hematite is connected to the Root Chakra and has a profoundly grounding energy that reminds us of our human existence and supports us financially.

Physical healing properties: The iron found in hematite can help cleanse the blood, support circulation, manage an irregular menstrual flow, and support a healthy heart. It can soothe the nervous system and give it a jumpstart to give you a newfound sense of strength.

Chakra: Root Chakra

Jade: The Dream Stone

Luck. Harmony. Prosperity.

Jade can be found in a variety of colors all around the world, with the region dictating the color. It is found in two forms, nephrite and jadeite. Nephrite gets its name from its supposed ability to aid the kidneys. It is universally considered an important healing stone, particularly in all matters concerning protection of the dead and ancestral spirits. It is known to change color to brown when buried with the dead.

Metaphysical healing properties: Jade balances the heart chakra and helps you accept truth, express love, and assists in accessing the spirit realm in a dream state. It increases a sense of belonging and enhances our ability to act appropriately and effectively.

Physical healing properties: Due to its association with the heart, Jade may filter toxins and cleanse the body as a whole through the blood. It is deeply relaxing which helps to accelerate the healing process. It is associated with longevity.

Chakra: Heart Chakra

Amethyst: The Stone of Intuition

Trust. Create. Prosper.

The name amethyst come from the Greek word for “not drunken” because it was believed to prevent drunkenness and overindulgence and encourage clarity of mind and spirituality. It is still a powerful stone that promotes equilibrium and stills the mind, enhancing a meditative state. It can be found all over the world and has been known throughout history for its ability to expand the mind and refine the thinking process.

Metaphysical healing properties: Amethyst is a good, all-around healing crystal that is especially useful in the creative arts and innovation. Amethyst calms, soothes, and integrates negative thoughts, bringing spiritual calm. It will help you connect to your desires so that you can manifest them in the physical world.

Physical healing properties: Amethyst helps bring hormone production, the sympathetic nervous system, and endocrine glands to a state of optimum performance. Use amethyst to relieve headaches, ease neck tension, and to treat insomnia. It also may strengthen the immune system and reduce bruising and swelling.

Chakra: Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra

Kyanite: The Stone of Emotion

Energy. Communication. Awareness.

Kyanite has a high vibration that immediately aligns the chakras bringing tranquility and calm. It aids rapid transfers of energy that open the mind to create connections, enhance telepathic and psychic abilities, improve communication, and serves as a link for receiving or transmitting healing energy. It, like citrine, does not accumulate negative energy and therefore does not need to be cleansed, metaphysically speaking, and can actually cleanse other stones and spaces.

Metaphysical healing properties: Kyanite inspires fair treatment of others and good communication, making it a great tool for repairing relationships and working through disagreements. Psychic abilities can be enhanced with kyanite as it deepens meditation and access to all levels of awareness and opens channels to the spirit realm. It can also be used to help those transitioning through death. It balances the whole being, calms and releases blocked emotions, brings tranquility and quietness, and aids meditation and access to all levels of awareness.

Physical healing properties: Kyanite may help reestablish pathways after traumatic injury, soothes and supports the nerves, eases tension and headaches, and helps in disorders of the throat, adrenal glands, thyroid, and muscular systems.

Chakra: Throat Chakra

Amazonite: Stone of Courage

Confident. Playful. Optimistic.

Amazonite’s turquoise-green shades provide powerful tempering of aggression, channeling anger into more positive action, and provides harmony and balance while soothing and calming your soul. It encourages self-discovery, beyond fear of judgment, to live a life true to yourself with courage and conviction. It also awakens compassion for others and seeing both sides of a problem.

Metaphysical healing properties: Amazonite is especially beneficial to the Heart and Throat chakras, though it cleanses and soothes the chakras, allowing for the physical body to align with the etheric. Amazonite banishes negative energy in the workplace while, being a stone of prosperity, will attract better business opportunities. It is also a good luck stone. Sleep with Amazonite to resolve your own inner conflict to then communicate your true feelings without being overly emotional. It may help you access distant memories and past lives.

Physical healing properties: Amazonite is beneficial for good general health and well-being, though it is especially useful for issues with the ears, nose, throat, and nervous system. It also aids healing after trauma or injury.

Chakra: Heart and Throat Chakras

Garnet: The Stone of Health and Creativity

Passion. Joy. Vitality.

Garnet is found all over the world in a variety of colors, though red is the most well-known. This stone grounds your spirit within your body, allowing you to work lovingly in the physical world. It is a stone of intense feelings, sensuality, and it inspires creation out of chaos by amplifying the flow of creativity. Garnet provides protective, stable energy during use that will balance energies, uplift your spirit, and bring hope and courage.

Metaphysical healing properties: Garnet purifies, revitalizes, and balances energy, bringing passion as appropriate. It gets projects underways and gives a fiery fortitude. It stimulates the soul to channel internal creativity and ideas to physicality. It is a power stone that enhances self-esteem and encourages success in business.

Physical healing properties: Garnet stimulates the body’s energy systems and metabolism, bringing a fiery warming energy to fight cold, damp, sluggish disease states. It may reduce toxins in the body, help clot blood, and can alleviate low libido, acne, heart problems, and arthritis.

Chakras: Root and Crown Chakras

Tiger’s Eye: The Stone of Personal Power

Practical. Realistic. Social.

Tiger’s eye has been revered and feared as a mysterious and powerful stone since ancient times. It was thought to bring you the ability to observe everything, even through closed doors, acting as an all-seeing and all-knowing eye. Tiger Eye is a stone of good luck and prosperity, protection of resources, and will reflect back ill-intent onto the giver. It brings clarity and sharpness to your own inner vision and supports necessary change in your life.

Metaphysical healing properties: Use it to attract a steady flow of money, to bring the determination to step into your fears, to boost willpower, for quick, clear thinking, and stable emotions and energy levels when working through changes.

Physical healing properties: Tiger’s eye fortifies the blood, restoring balance to the body and increasing vitality. It may boost the endocrine and reproductive systems. It’s traditionally used in disorders of the throat, eyes, and to improve night vision.

Chakra: Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras

Pyrite (Fool’s Gold): The Stone of Wealth

Wealth. Success. Protection.

Pyrite is a masculine stone, providing action, willpower, and vitality, stimulating the flow of ideas into practical action so that you can create your own wealth by your own power. This protective stone shields against negative energies, environmental pollutants, and harm.

Metaphysical healing properties: Boost self-worth and confidence with pyrite through its ability to mirror the self, so that you can find the root cause of depression and anxiety within yourself and have the vitality to search for solutions. It provides positive, high-frequency energy for you to draw upon to stimulate the flow of ideas, embrace your own potential, and to take action in manifesting your desires.

Physical healing properties: Pyrite supports health and well-being as it provides vital, nourishing energy to the body activating the body’s own healing powers. It has been used to decreased fever and inflammation, shields the body from environmental pollutants, and strengthens the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Chakra: Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra

Smoky Quartz: The Protective Anchoring Stone

Cleanse. Stabilize. Protect.

Smoky Quartz comes in a range of colors, from as pale as smoke to dark and clear to a smoky brown translucent crystal that will anchor you in the physical realm with strength and stability. This grounding stone initiates survival instincts and transmutes negative energy so that you can reach your personal goals and manifest your dreams into reality. It provides protection from EMFs and other negativity in the environment.

Metaphysical healing properties: Known to relieve tension, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fear, unspoken resentment, and depression, it will turn negative energy into a more positive form and shields from hostility, psychic attack, and emotional and environmental stress. Smoky quartz is an efficient grounding and cleansing stone that transmutes negative energy back into the ground to be neutralized naturally. It helps guard against accidents caused by human error.

Physical healing properties: Smoky quartz protects against radiation, sunburn, medical radiation, and chemotherapy by countering these negative effects due to its natural irradiation. It aids the detoxification process, making it great for quitting smoking or other addictive chemicals and supports the elimination organs.

Chakra: Root Chakra

Carnelian: The Stone of Courage

Creative. Confident. Bold.

This bold stone brings warmth, joy, stimulation, empowerment, motivation, leadership and courage. It is an orange-colored variety of chalcedony. They’re stimulating for physical exercise and attract new resources, prosperity and good luck.

Metaphysical healing properties: Carnelian stabilizes you in the presence and restores lost motivation and vitality while stimulating creativity and action. It improves concentration and supports a love of life while protecting from extraneous thoughts, abuse, and jealousy, helping you trust yourself. Carnelian is also known as the Singer’s Stone, clarifying the voice and promoting a confident performance.

Physical healing properties: Carnelian brings life force, stimulating the metabolism and delivery of blood to tissues and organs. It may help with bones and arthritis, absorption of nutrients in the small intestine, congestion, varicose veins, nosebleeds, depression, and overcoming addiction or bad habits.

Chakra: Sacral and Root Chakras

What’s your favorite crystal and why? Tell us in the comments!

Healing Properties & Meanings of 20 crystals gemstones | The Creative Fringe

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