Low-Tech Freeform Casting | July 11, 1-3:30pm


Date: 7/11/2019
Time: 1 PM to 3:30 PM

Low tech casting at its finest! We will show you 3 methods that each yield a different look. All are unpredictable and organic in nature and that’s exactly why we love this so much! Cast pieces can be drilled, wired or soldered to be used in so many creative ways. Water, broom & cuttlebone casting will be taught. Bring your own scrap sterling or buy from us. 3 hours.

Skill level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Previous experience with a torch

If you are signing up with 24 hours or less notice, please call the store to register. 616-296-0020

Schedule your own time! With two or more people, schedule a class for regular class rates. $50.00 for private instruction. Just call us!

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