Custom Jewelry Designs & Repairs

Stamped Items

Bring your stamping ideas to us! We have 4 different fonts in 4 different sizes, over 30 different symbols and we’re able to stamp roman numerals. We can cut out any shape out of sterling silver, copper, or brass sheet metal to fit your design, or you can stamp on already-made metal blanks. Stamping is $2.75 for the first character and $.50/character after that plus the cost of metal.

Initials Necklace, Name Necklace, Letter Number Stamping into Metal, Latitude Longitude Jewelry - The Creative Fringe - Grand Haven Michigan

Michigan Designs

We offer all sorts of Michigan and Grand Haven love items. We have items in store ready to take home, or we can cut out any size & shape for you whenever you need! We have anything from cutouts to set Petoskey stones. We are also able to do any state upon request.

Michigan Jewelry, State Cutout Designs, State Pendants, Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, Gold - The Creative Fringe - Grand Haven Michigan

Commissioned Designs

Stamping names & dates are popular and only the beginning of our talents. If you have sea glass that you would like made into a ring or an idea for a custom bolo tie (or anything in between!) we can do it! Have some moose teeth or bear claws that you would like made into cuff links? Did you lose your favorite earrings and want them back? Look no further! Bring your ideas to us and we will deliver a one of a kind memento made with your precious items. Bring in your ideas and we will bring them to life! More labor-intensive custom items are priced $25.00 an hour plus the cost of the materials.

Commissioned Custom Jewelry Design - The Creative Fringe - Grand Haven Michigan

Wedding Jewelry

Have the perfect engagement ring in mind? Want to design your bridesmaid jewelry but don’t have time to make it? We will work with you to bring your ideas to life! We can help design anything from simple wedding necklaces to elaborate bridal belts or embroidered hair clips.

Custom Made Wedding Jewelry, DIY Bridesmaid Handmade - The Creative Fringe - Grand Haven Michigan

Jewelry Repair

  • We do repairs on just about any jewelry, for a fair price!Jewelry Repair - The Creative Fringe - Grand Haven Michigan
  • Repairs can sometimes be done quickly and on the spot, but for most our turnaround time averages 5-7 days.
  • $6 to re-string a bracelet, $9 for a necklace. All else based on $25/hr plus materials.

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